Monday, October 3, 2011

Nathan (Philadelphia Area Senior Photography)

I spend a lot of time photographing little people which I love, so maybe photographing high school seniors is such a pleasure because of the contrast (after all, they don't run away or cry when they see a stranger with a least not usually).  The great thing about seniors is they just want to look cool or pretty and beyond that they are usually up for anything.  I love that! 

I also love that I get to travel from time to time and take pictures in locations outside my area.  Last weekend was one of those opportunities.  I photographed two seniors, one on family property in Oakland, MD and another in beautiful Morgantown, WV (Go Mountaineers!). 

I was so thrilled when I arrived to find that it was truly Fall there.  The leaves were bright, brilliant colors and the fields were filled with Goldenrod.  What a beautiful backdrop to photograph a handsome young man that will soon graduate from my alma mater.  

He was admittedly nervous about having his pictures taken, but he did awesome.  Nathan (and family) here is your sneak peek from our session!










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