Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Graham (Main Line Newborn Photographer)

My cousin and her husband were blessed with a handsome, little early Christmas present this year. His name is Graham.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time. He and his parents were on his first road trip from their home in Virginia, visiting family in several locations. Fortunately the snow didn't affect our time together so that I could capture some sweet moments with him.

Even at 6 weeks old, he seemed so small compared to my 6 month old who appears to be in some sort of weight competition. He was alert, content and totally enjoying all of the attention. He didn't even mind when we got him down to just his diaper for some pictures. What a trooper!

Eventually we wore him out and he was all set to do some snuggling with mommy and daddy. Those are moments every parent should have the pleasure of putting on their walls. They don't stay that small for long!

What a blessing it was for me to have the opportunity to spend time with my cousin and her little family. Here is a preview of just a few images from their visit.