Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need a Smile Giveaway Winners! (Chester County Children's Photographer)

In the last 10 days I have had the tremendous honor of reading the stories of some amazing people. People with resilience, determination, hope, unfailing love and faith. Each nomination deeply touched my heart. Everyone who emailed me did such a wonderful job of conveying how this gift would truly put a smile on the faces of those they love who are struggling, or have struggled in some way recently.

I have read the nominations over and over trying to decide who the winner of the free session should be and what I have decided is...they are all winners!
Yes, you read that right. Each of the 6 nominees will be receiving a free session. And here is the reason why.

I know that I could have just put names in a hat and drawn out a very deserving winner, but Christmas is about hope, unconditional, unfailing love and the gift and blessing of a Savior. My family and I have been richly blessed in so many ways and by so many people this year and this is just one small way to share and show the love, hope and faith I have with others.

Over the coming months I will introduce you to these wonderful people and will joyfully display their smiling faces for all of you to see.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Need a Smile Giveaway (Photography Giveaway)

Last year at this time I gave away a free session to a very deserving family in need of a smile. And this year I'm doing it again!

Do you know a family, a couple, a child or anyone for that matter, that could use a pick me up in the form of a FREE photo session? If so, I want to hear about it.

I have been so blessed by this business and all the wonderful people I have had the sincere pleasure of working with and this Christmas season I want to share that blessing.

Maybe you know of a family that has been struggling with illness, job loss or some other difficult situation, and family pictures would bring some joy back to their hearts and faces. Whatever the reason, if you know someone deserving I want to hear the story.

From today, December 4th, until December 14th, I will take submissions. Please email me at with the story of why your nominee should be the winner of the free session. Please be specific. I don't need to know every little detail, but you need to convince me that your nominee is the most deserving. "They are good people" won't cut it. You don't have to be a spectacular writer or perfect speller, just a person who cares enough about someone you know to tell me their story, in a persuasive way, in the hope that they will be given this gift.

I will choose a winner by December 15th.

Please spread the word about this giveaway by email, Facebook and word of mouth as you see fit.

I look forward to hearing about some amazing people in the coming days and putting a smile on the face of the winner(s).

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

"P" Family (Chester County Newborn Photographer)

I was thrilled to recently get to photograph my first set of twin babies! These two precious peas belong to a friend I used to teach with, his wife and three year old princess. I was SO excited when they contacted me to let me know they had had twins and wanted me to come and take some pictures.
What a gift this Christmas! Most of the session the babies were alert and wide awake, but we finally wore them down to get their Christmas picture.
Their very proud big sister wanted to be in every picture, and at one point pouted because she couldn't hold them (see one of my favorite pictures below). She is going to be a huge help with her little brother and sister, and I have a feeling mommy and daddy will need the extra hand!

"P" Family...thank you for trusting me with these precious moments in your lives and enjoy your preview!











Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shaughnessy Family (Chester County Family Photographer)

The last time I photographed this family it was for this little guy's newborn pictures. As we all know, time speeds by, and now he is about to turn one!
I had so much fun catching up with them at Springton Manor Farm and seeing the two brothers together. The baby loves his big brother with enthusiasm and his whole body would show it when he got near him. Smiles, squirms and giggles would ensue. What a beautiful thing to spend an afternoon photographing!

Shaughnessy Family...thank you for braving the chilly temps with me and trusting me to photograph your precious boys...enjoy your preview!










Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For Mom (Chester County Family Photographer)

What mother doesn't love pictures of her children, whether little or grown? But, this particular mother is going to be surprised for Christmas with an entire wall display of pictures of her children and grandchildren. What an amazing and fun surprise gift!
As an added bonus, her beloved and beautiful Mustang will be center stage in one of the shots. What a fantastic idea her son had to borrow the car to use in some of their shots. Apparently she was under the impression they were borrowing the car for a nice drive to breakfast on a gorgeous Fall morning. Boy will she be surprised!
Thank you Hopkins and extended family for letting me be a part of this wonderful gift! Enjoy the preview.









Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby "G" (Main Line Newborn Photographer)

What a surprise I received a couple weeks ago when I got an email from a client letting me know they had just had a precious baby boy and wanted me to come and take some pictures. 17 months ago I had been at their home taking newborn pictures of their daughter and had no idea they were expecting again.
It was such a joy to get to be around their growing family and capture the striking features of baby "G". He is such a beautiful little guy and he wanted to be awake for nearly all of my time there to show off his big eyes. In fact, the sleeping shots that I got were only in the last couple minutes as his poor mommy sent up prayers that he would cooperate for the basket shots that she really wanted.
"G" family, thank you so much for inviting me into your beautiful home once again and congratulations on that handsome boy! Enjoy your preview!










Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jason and Lauren (Chester County Engagement Photographer)

I have been looking forward to this session for weeks because these two people are very special to me. This beautiful couple consists of my stunning sister-in-law, Lauren, and her awesome fiancee, Jason.
They are getting married next October and wanted their engagement pictures to reflect the same time of year so that they can use a picture or two for their save the date cards. They chose one of my favorite locations and we had a beautiful afternoon too!
Admittedly, Jason was not looking forward to the session as much as Lauren and I, but he had a positive attitude and did an excellent job getting comfortable in front of the camera. It wasn't hard to capture their love and joy. They truly are made for each other, and all of us that have had the pleasure of watching their relationship and love, develop and grow, are so very excited for them and all that the future will bring.

Jason and Lauren...enjoy this preview of your pictures. I love you both and was so honored to have the opportunity to capture some images of this special time in your lives.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Maxim Family (Chester County Family Photographer)

This is the second time this year that I have had the tremendous pleasure of photographing this wonderful family. The first time their youngest was just barely sitting up and now he is in motion! It is so much fun to see and photograph the changes in my little clients as they grow.

It was a cold afternoon the day of our session but the boys did so well. We played in the leaves, discovered sticks and even ran around to stay warm. The love this family has for each other made getting these shots an easy task. What a great afternoon!

Maxim Family...enjoy your preview and thanks again for trusting me with these beautiful moments in your lives.







I love this shot! It reminds me of the E-Trade commercials :)