Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Deserving Family (Philadelphia Area Family Photographer)

Last week I had the sincere pleasure to meet and photograph my third family of Need a Smile winners. To say that this mom is deserving of having this session done with her boys is quite the understatement. Her sister nominated her and here (in her words) is why she felt compelled to do so:

"I would like to nominate my sister. She adores your work, and has always raved about friends of her's who have had sessions done through your studio. It has been a long two years for her. She had her youngest son, Aidan 7 weeks early, and while Aidan was in the hospital, the business she and her partner built burned to the ground. There was no insurance to cover the loss, and there have been financial struggles since then. Her efforts in life have revolved around taking care of my parents. Our father, who has gone through two amputations in the last 18 months, and spent months in hospital and in therapy, had come home only to suffer another set back of a stroke. My sister is the one who has spent hours upon hours running my father to all his appointments, sitting bedside with him either keeping him company or giving him a quick shave and cut, a trade she learned in high school but never pursued. She is the person who ran our mother back and forth to radiation and chemo when she was diagnosed with colon cancer this past year. My mom had a heart attack soon after and my sister is the one who took care of her. She paid attention when the nurses would visit my parents at home and if a problem arose on the days the nurses weren't at my parents', she is who handled it.
Its easy for me to say that Chrissie handled my parents due to me and our other sister living so far away, but in reality, she did it because it's who she is. She did everything in her power, to get the Veterans department to recognize my father disabilities, and was able to get him a grant to have his home handicap accessible. She found the contractors to do the work, and my parents home is currently under construction.

She is a "basketball mom" to her oldest son, there for every practice and every game. She is currently over seeing a coat drive, for the needy and homeless, that her son started, as part of community service for his confirmation. Her youngest has also been in need of some special services for which she has had to work with CHOP and get him to appointments. She has a pretty full schedule to say the least.

She herself has had two cancer scares in the last six months.

She would love having the boys pictures done by you. She deserves this, more than any other person I can think of! I can't think of a better gift for her!!"

And, I couldn't agree more! So here is just a snapshot of some of the images from our session together.












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