Thursday, July 29, 2010

Becoming the Client (Chester County Maternity Photographer)

Here I sit in the hospital being induced in wild anticipation of meeting our third child. A couple weeks ago I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before my son arrived and the list was very lengthy. I figured there would be things that would not be accomplished because he would come early like my other two children. Ha!

On Tuesday, my doctor was wonderful enough to suggest an induction for today. I almost cried tears of relief and joy. I quickly went home to see what was left on the list I had created since only one day remained before I would be here hooked up to all sorts of equipment, watching the minutes tick by and feeling the pain slowly increase. One of the few things that remained was having my husband take pictures of my huge belly with our other two kids. I know it seems silly that a photographer would not have taken care of something like that already, but I have never been sure that I wanted to have such a larger version of me in pictures.

I decided that it was important to at least take the shots and decide later if I wanted to use them. I set the camera up yesterday morning and handed it over to my husband. The kids were VERY excited to get to be IN pictures with mommy and were cooperative, but it is hard to give photography direction as to what to do, on the front side of the camera. He did a great job though and I am thrilled that we took some time to get these priceless images.

I can honestly say, I wish I would have done it with the other two kids as well. These precious times can never be replaced and just because I don't feel my skinniest or my prettiest, doesn't mean my friends, family and in the future, my kids, won't be thrilled to have the treasure of these images.





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