Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Birthday to Remember (Chester County Children's Photographer)

This little beauty is Amelia Eileen. She turned 2 last week and her family threw her a "pink" party.

But, this was no ordinary pink party. You see Amelia Eileen is the namesake of her great grandmother and her very brave grandmother Eileen who fought breast cancer for five years before losing the battle in July of 2004.

Her pink party was breast cancer awareness themed to honor a grandmother that never had the joy of seeing her beautiful face. In lieu of gifts (because Amelia has plenty of toys) guests were asked to donate to the Philadelphia 3 Day Walk in hopes that Amelia might be able to live in a world where she doesn't lose her loved ones to cancer.

No pink detail was left undone. It was pink perfection with a hopeful theme.

The kids were able to decorate breast cancer ribbon cookies with all sorts of pink and white sweets. Above Amelia is getting loved on by her great grandmother as she contemplates decorating and eating another cookie.

Her handsome brother enjoyed playing basketball and running around with his cousins and friends, and he wore his pink breast cancer awareness t-shirt well.

It was a rainy day, but there was enough of a break in the rain to blow bubbles...

contemplate what to do next...

and smash an Abby Cadabby pinata until the candy was flowing.

Then it was time for CAKE! Apparently Amelia had been practicing blowing out her candles, but when the moment arrived she was shy and needed help from her mommy and daddy.

She certainly wasn't shy when it came to eating her very pink cupcake.

Who doesn't love a frosting face, especially one as precious as this?

It was such a wonderful party and I was so honored to be a part of it and get to reconnect with Amelia's wonderful mommy, Gail, who is a dear college friend that I haven't seen in years.

A few months ago Gail created a sitting area and garden with memorial plaques for both of her parents who lost their lives far too early to cancer. It is a beautiful area and Amelia spent some time playing there during her party. As I watched her dance around I thought to myself, no child should have to grow up without their grandparents. And, cancer should not be able to rob anyone of treasured moments with parents, siblings, children or friends. We must find a cure!

I believe that Amelia's grandmother, Eileen, was smiling down on her that day and somehow she knew it.

Thank you Gail and family for including me in this beautiful day. It was great to see you again and I look forward to connecting again soon.

For more information on finding a cure or making a donation to help find a cure click here.


TuTu said...

you are truly amazing and you captured this so keep bringing tears to my eyes..first Malia, now Amelia!

Loving your site.
Carolyn (Nicole's Mom)

gailszigeti said...

You are truly talented!!! These pictures are a fantastic tribute, and a wonderful keepsake for my family! Of course the tears were flowing after I read the captions, would love this in a picture book if that is possible?
Thanks again for being a part of Amelia's special day, it is wonderful to reconnect!!
Keep on touching people's lives with your special gift!
Gail Ciervo Szigeti

Rob Ciervo said...

Great pictures. The more I look at them the more I see "little Gail-ey" in Mimi!