Friday, March 4, 2011

My Baby - 6 months (Chester County Infant Photographer)

I must admit these images are a few weeks old and my baby is now actually 7 months old. Where does the time go?


I wish I could find a way to slow time, so I could enjoy the amazing and fun ages my kids are right now. Especially this amazing infant stage where he sits (but isn't mobile), sleeps through the night, belly laughs, is curious about all things, interacts with his siblings, babbles, plays and is infatuated with his toes. I love it!

Oh the's constant and he isn't even teething!

Practicing his posing for Mommy

It is such a blessing to have happy kids. Even on the hardest days they overflow my life with joy!



When I married my handsome, blue-eyed husband I prayed that I would one day have a child with those amazing eyes. After all, I grew up with brown eyes which seemed so blah to me (the old, "you always want what you don't have"). First child...brown eyes. Second child...hazel eyes (close!) Third child...BLUE!

Are you hypnotized yet?


Nicole Begley said...

So big!! Colin isn't quite sitting up unsupported yet, but he is crawling like a champ! Too early for that! Enjoy your babes!

Amanda said...

beautiful baby!!!