Monday, February 1, 2010

The "G" Family (Chester County Family Photographer)

This family has been SO patient in waiting to see their pictures. Becky (the mom) is the graphic designer that did my logo/watermark, etc. She did a wonderful job and I am thrilled with the results. We exchanged services and I met her family at Hershey Gardens at the end of October to do their family session. What a beautiful setting! Everyone had a great time and it was the perfect Autumn day.
Because it was one of my extremely busy times of year and they weren't in a big hurry for their pictures, she graciously told me she would wait until after the beginning of the year when things settled down.
So, finally, here is their preview. Hopefully it will make all of us feel a bit warmer (and probably even more eager for Spring).
Thank you Becky for being so patient and enjoy your preview!

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